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October, 2019 (Vol. 13, Issue 20)
Two for One With Chiropractic

By Editorial Staff

Can't seem to shake that back pain? Continually plagued by headaches? You're not alone. Chronic back and headache pain are among the most prevalent and disabling disorders worldwide. Even more troubling, experiencing one of these conditions may raise your likelihood of experiencing both. But here's the good news: the potential reason why these two disorders may be connected points to a single solution: chiropractic care.

According to research published in the Journal of Headache and Pain, people who suffer persistent back pain or headaches are approximately twice as likely to suffer from both. Their findings are based on a review of studies involving more than 450,000 total participants suffering from back pain and headaches. Overall, the researchers found 14 studies that reported an association between "primary headache disorders and persistent low back pain."

two for one - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark While the study authors do not spell out the cause of the connection between these two common, debilitating conditions, abundant previous evidence suggests musculoskeletal dysfunction, particularly involving the spine and spinal nerves, is a potential factor with both headaches and back pain.

That makes chiropractic care a great option when you're experiencing either condition – or both. In fact, since a chiropractor can help both back pain and headaches, there's a good chance that if you're only suffering from one, chiropractic care may prevent the other from occurring at all. Now that's a two-for-one win with chiropractic!

A Message from Dr. Fred F. Bruno

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Dr. Bruno graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1987. Upon passing the Maryland State Board Exam and receiving his Chiropractic license with Physical Therapy privileges, he moved to Maryland in 1988.

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