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To Your Health Newsletter

June, 2019 (Vol. 14, Issue 13)
The Forgotten Health Epidemic in the Time of the Coronavirus

We've seen progress on the COVID-19 front, but a man-made plague still thrives ... and may be getting worse. Here's what's happening ... and why chiropractic could be the solution.

Overworked? Your Heart Can Feel It

Time to Show Your Heart a Little Love

Close Your Eyes and Get Healthy

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep Tonight

Eat to Win

Are Teenage Girls Eating Enough, Especially If They’re Athletes?

A Conspiracy to Get Us to Take More Drugs

The Big Problem With Big Pharma

Cancer Loves Obesity

Obesity can lead to a multitude of health issues over time, including the dreaded C word: cancer. In fact, obesity elevates the risk of suffering from a wide range of cancers ... and research suggests the list is growing.

Don't Reach the 14-Day Mark

Everyone could use a little rest and relaxation now and then, but according to research, that rest and relaxation should still include some physical activity or you could suffer the health consequences in as few as 14 days.

The Power of Curcumin: Good for the Body and the Mind

For overall well-being, curcumin from turmeric may be one of the best natural compounds available. Let's look at the research supporting curcumin for body and mind vitality.

D Stands for Diabetes Defense

Vitamin D has numerous health benefits, including protection against diabetes. A new study adds to the favorable evidence.

Your Brain Needs Positivity

Research suggests repetitive negative thinking, particularly with age, increases the risk for cognitive decline, including Alzheimer's disease.

A Message from Dr. Fred F. Bruno

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Dr. Bruno graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1987. Upon passing the Maryland State Board Exam and receiving his Chiropractic license with Physical Therapy privileges, he moved to Maryland in 1988.

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