Dr. Fred Bruno: Chiropractor
9211 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 897-5553

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"Caring and Conscientious chiropractor. I would recommend him without reservation." -Donna D.

"Always completely satisfied with all treatments as well as medical advice received. " -Bernie A.

"My family has been using Dr. Fred for many years. He's the best!" - Anonymous

"Dr. Bruno is a good chiropractor. He's a very sincere and personable person. He's honest and skilled. I would use him again in the future if required." - Anonymous

"Dr. Bruno is very thorough in his work and if he can't do anything he will be very forthcoming and send you to the proper physician. He will take hours speaking to you about your problem, he is much better than any doctor I have seen." - Anonymous

"Dr. Fred is the best. I carry heavy bags all over the North East. I would be a mess if I didn't have Dr. Fred to straighten me out. I moved, but I drive a half-hour (without traffic) to see him anyway." - Krystle H.

"He is fantastic. I've been going to chiropractors for probably 35 years. He is the most knowledgeable one that I have ever had. I like him because he has a very realistic position on what chiropractic can do and what medical medicine and surgery can do. He doesn't think chiropractic will cure all ills. He is very cautious, careful and thorough. He is very friendly. His office staff is extremely friendly, down to earth and pleasant." - Nina W.

"He just really knows his business. I couldn’t even breathe when I first went to him with a lower back injury and now I think that he certainly helped me. It took a while but he straightened me out. He is inexpensive and really knowledgeable. I’m a tough patient to be manipulated because I’m pretty big and solid and there is no question that he is a great doctor." - Steve H.

"Always excellent service and positive results!" - Percy A.

"Dr. Bruno gets an unqualified rating of "excellent," from me! I am training for an Ironman triathlon, 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running. I simply could not do it without regular adjustments from Dr. Bruno. It's not easy to find a great chiropractor, but you need look no further than Dr. Bruno!" - Karyn S.



I can always count on Dr Fred ...
dianew, Garrett Park, MD 
I can always count on Dr Fred to consistently alleviate discomfort I suffer from occupational repetitive stress injuries -- from headaches to muscle spasms.
- 1 week ago
Dr. Fred is very knowledgeable...
lauraa, Landover Hills, MD 
Dr. Fred is very knowledgeable and sincerely cars for the wellbeing of his patients. I always feel so much better after my back adjustment. I live pretty far so I was excited to hear that he has added Sat hours!
- 1 week ago
Dr Bruno is wonderful.
beths, Silver Spring, MD 
Dr Bruno is wonderful.
- 2 weeks ago
I continue to return to Dr. Br...
e.janer, Silver Spring, MD 
I continue to return to Dr. Bruno because I received consistent, caring attention to my physical issues. The environment is very calming but the treatment are customized to my particular issues. Vicky and Dr. Bruno are the kindest and most patient folks in the world ... just what I need!!
- 2 weeks ago
Dr Burno is amazing top notch!
jasona, Bethesda, MD 
Dr Burno is amazing top notch!
- 3 weeks ago
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A Message from Dr. Fred F. Bruno

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Dr. Bruno graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1987. Upon passing the Maryland State Board Exam and receiving his Chiropractic license with Physical Therapy privileges, he moved to Maryland in 1988.

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